Level 3 Health and Safety Procedures

Health and Safety Procedures for 

Level 3 V27/04/20



Our prime goal is to keep everyone happy, healthy and safe and provide quality learning on and off site whilst we do so.



These procedures will be subject to review at the end of the 1st week of operation or at any time a weakness is exposed.


Student Learners


Arrival procedure Day 1:  

There will be no walk-ins for visitors, students and new enrolments  – so please call ahead on 0800 527 6345 if your child is enrolling at our school for the first time, we will make an appointment with whanau and discuss start dates. 

Whanau will be advised via phone and email by Tuesday 28 April to arrive at school at either 9.00 am and or 9.15 am depending on their bubble and will have to drop off at the front car park on Alamein Road. 

Property Team Supervisor – Mike Beeston, will be at the main gate to check the list of students arriving, if a child is not on the list then they will have to contact the office on 0800 527 6345.

Whanau can use the main carpark as the drop-off/pick-up point but will have to park in designate parking spaces which are spread apart to maintain good physical distance. 

The entrance by the caretakers shed  is the designated entry point into school (all other doors will be locked. 

Acting Principal will welcome parents and students @ main entrance

Whanau and learners can queue 2m apart down past the DP’s office, children will have to be signed in each day and follow the next steps. 

We will need to give and gather the following information:

  • Parent to sign in with Admin Staff  via vistab
  • How the TPS class Bubbles we are running, where they are located and which one the child belongs to.
  • How is the child getting to and from school? 
  • Who will be picking them up & dropping them off every day
  • Can they walk to school and home after the first day?
  • Advise of school start time, break times and finish time for this school Bubble
  • There is no before and after school groups/care option (please be prompt in getting children home at 2.45 pm and 3pm)
  • Learners will be checked in and out of their bubbles by the staff member on duty for that class bubble. People leaving the school will be expected to do so promptly.
  • Who is the emergency contact for this learner and what are the up to date details    


Arrival & Departure procedures for subsequent days:



Admin Staff in the office – (maintain 2m physical distance)

Depending on the class bubble – student will arrive with parent at either 9.00 am or 9.15 am 

Parent to sign in using Vistab (information captured : contact number, workplace and confirm address if necessary)

The student will be marked in SMS.

Ask the parent who will be collecting the student at the end of the school day. 

Remind them of the time the school day concludes for their bubble.



Learners will be released from their Bubble as per pre-arranged procedure.

Bubble Duty teacher will see learners out the door at either 2.45pm or 3pm

Property supervisor will see people out the gate and maintain 2 m distance of people leaving.

People to depart promptly


Class Bubbles, which will not intersect (see timetable): 


  Bubble 1: Rm 2&3 space (ten students max – see list)

           Teacher: Mr Roy Kelly + one other teacher 

Toilets: Downstair toilets (in front of Room 3) 

Please – use left in toilets till 12.00pm then the right toilets till 3pm. 

Play area: Main Playground down towards Bike shed (refer to map)

School Arrival time: 9.00 a.m.

Morning Tea: 11.00 am – 11.20 am (ensure students are back in class)

Lunch: 1.00 pm – 1.30 pm (Lunch eating inside at 12.45pm)

School Finishing time: 2:45pm


(Second Bubble – only to be used if we exceed 10 students)

Teacher: Mr Donovan Janse

Bubble 2: Rm 10/TPW space (ten students max – see list)

Toilets: Upstairs toilets

Play area: Main Hard Court and up (refer to map)

School Arrival time: 9.15 am

Morning Tea: 11.20 am – 11.40 (ensure students are back in class)

Lunch: 1.30 pm – 2pm (lunch eating between 1-1.20pm)

School finishing time: 3:00pm


See attached Time Table for other timing details

See attached Site Plan for other location details


Student Learners once Bubbles are in action:

  • Learners all have a named table and chair more than 1m apart in learning space.
  • Learners all have a named table and chair more than 1m apart in the Bubble assembly space (hall)
  • Learners have a named Box/tray that contains their “lunch, learning tools and devices”
  • All learners have designated toilets and supervised play areas
  • Care will be taken at all times that Learners do not intersect Bubbles



Staff on site have volunteered to be at school (fully paid) and we have ascertained their appropriateness and confirmed their approval for this role.

Please sign in/out  via vistab and also advise Mr Reddy via text when you leave/sign out on vistab

Staff ratios are appropriate for the number of learners. 

We have 2 adults per Learner Bubble if needed, 1 Caretaker, 3 cleaners,  2 SMT (Lou and Archana available on site as needed), 2 Admin

Staggered morning tea (20mins) & lunch breaks (30mins). 

Care will be taken at all times that staff do not intersect Bubbles

Staff to take special care with physical distancing in the staffroom, especially in turn taking around the kitchen area.

TPS is providing individually wrapped morning tea and snacks. Staff BYO Lunch

Cleaning staff will handle the “dishes”. 

Users of Staff toilets will use the cleaning products provided when toilets are used.

Staffroom surfaces will be wiped before and after each use (spray and wipe will be on the bench).

Staff who have a class bubble are expected to leave for home shortly after the students as to decrease crossover with cleaning and property team. 


Site Sanitation & Safety

The School will have been deep cleaned prior to 28 April Teacher Only Day

The School will be carefully cleaned each day subsequent to this- see cleaning roster.

The exterior will also have been cleaned and tidied and ‘out of bounds’ areas clearly marked

Traffic and people flows will also be clearly marked

Bubble Spaces will have appropriate exterior & interior spacing, marking and signage

Sanitation products will be available at appropriate stands at entries and exits, toilets and other high traffic locations.

Bubble toilets will be allocated, will have regular sanitation checks and will have their own set of sanitary and cleaning products.



Call ahead – 0800 527 6345 and then report to the School Office at the set time.

Follow Office Health & Safety procedures. 

Sanitising products and gloves will be available prior to arrival at main entrance.

Gloves to be used when touching Vis-Tab. Bin for glove disposal adjacent.

Sign in/out via Vistab. Which is set up for Track & Trace info.



Parents will use the main car park for drop offs and pickups, Outside of this time, the large carpark will be physically closed by Property team supervisor.

Visitors will use car parks next to the bins (see map).


In case of suspected COVID 19

  • Teachers or children who are unwell with respiratory symptoms immediately go home, and call Healthline or their GP.
  • Teachers or children with respiratory symptoms who have tested negative for COVID 19 are able to stay home until they’ve been symptom-free for 24 hours. 
  • If a teacher or child has tested positive, and you are contacted by a public health officer/medical doctor, you can provide clear information regarding the student’s/worker’s contacts at work. Wait for public health to contact you. They will provide advice about any further actions you are required to take.  Principal and or delegate to liaise with the public health unit if they call.
  • School closes for 72 hours or until Ministry of Health indicates opening is safe
  • The work area of the unwell person is disinfected in accordance with the cleaning procedures that you have implemented.
  • Find out who was in contact from when the worker is suspected to have contracted COVID-19 because this will assist with contact tracing
  • Have a system for keeping in contact with unwell workers and tracking their progress.


Level 3 at school Timetable:

LEVEL3 @ School
W3T2 TIMETABLE (27 April to 1 May)
Week 3 27 April to 1 May Class bubble 1 Class bubble 2 Admin/Office bubble
Staff: Mr Roy in Room 2&3 Mr J in Room 10 Mr Reddy, Mrs Sharma, Mrs Gibson Mrs Williamson
Students: David, Elijah, Joshua Fotofili, Mania, Ani, Tamar, I’olani, Waiari, Tiyahn, Jaedyn
Arrival Time 9.00 am 9.15 am 8.30 am
Morning Tea 11.00 am – 11.20 am (Food eating inside at 10.50 am) 11.20 am – 11.40 am (Food eating inside at 11.10 am) 10.30 am – Staff room rotate 2 max at a time
Duty (2 m distance – active supervision) Mr Reddy Mr Reddy
Lunch 1.00 pm – 1.30 pm (Lunch eating inside at 12.45pm) 1.30 pm – 2.00 pm (Lunch eating inside at 1.15pm) 12.30 pm – Staff room 2 max at a time
Duty (2 m distance – active supervision) Mrs Sharma Mrs Sharma
Home time (Teacher to escort out of school) 2.45pm 3.00pm 4-5pm


Level 3, Wk 1 Site Plan