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Board | Poari

The Board | Poari is a Crown entity and takes on the role of Governance.  Members include the Principal | Tumuaki and elected parents/caregivers who can co-opt further members.  Elections are held every three years with 2022 being the election year.

Our Board | Poari are:

Presiding Member (PM):  Kamaka Tarawa (re-elected)

Principal | Tumuaki:  Dr Deanna Johnston

Staff Board Member:  Mariana Kaitai (re-elected)

Board Member:  Simone Pakieto (re-elected)

Board Member:  Andre’ Monga (new)

Board Member:  Carla Perese (new)

Board Member:  casual vacancy – Following the advertised period of notification, the Board proceeds to ‘select’ a 5th member to the Board.

TPS Board Selection Parent Letter Aug 2023.pdf

Board | Poari Meetings

–  Board Folder (Agendas/Minutes/Reports) available from the Finance Administrator/PA in the Office

–  Held twice a term at 8 am in the Board Room

Term 1 Week 5 Wednesday 1 March

Term 1 Week 10 Wednesday 5 April

Term 2 Week 5 Wednesday 24 May

Term 2 Week 10 Wednesday 28 June

Term 3 Week 5 Wednesday 16 August

Term 3 Week 10 Wednesday 20 September

Term 4 Week 4 Monday 30 October

Term 4 Week 8 Wednesday 29 November


Tāmaki Primary School Policies – we welcome shared review

***TERM 4 BOARD POLICY REVIEW is open for your comment (please see Newsletter reminders)

–  click on ‘Our School’ Tab and then click on ‘Policies and Procedures‘ 

–  log into SchoolDocs to find our Policies

–  look for & click on the blue ‘Reviews’ Tab when you are on our Tāmaki Primary SchoolDocs home page

–  we welcome your comment on specific policies that are scheduled for review by the Board

***NB.  As per the Board’s Policy and Term 2 review, the Board shares their DRAFT Health and Physical Education Curriculum Delivery Statement for parents/caregivers.  Please email the Tumuaki and/or the Presiding Member for any comment by Friday/Rāmere 13 October 2023. 

TPS_HPE Statement DRAFT Aug 2023_Board.pdf

The Board once again thanks you for your vital feedback. 

More info on Board’s role here:


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